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    EPSiT post-op advice needed please!

    I've recently had the EPSiT procedure done and would appreciate any advice regarding post-op care of it until it heals up. Just been told to rinse with saline solution but is there anything else I can do? Eager to have this healed up!
  2. H

    Questions about post-op recovery

    Hi there, December 2nd marks my first year after getting my abscess drained - hold the party poppers. I've come across the term 'pilonidal paranoia' where patients have their abscess drained, and in constant fear of if it will flare up again, and that any sort of discomfort may indicate the...
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    Limberg-flap surgery post op bleeding and exudate , Please help

    Hi there, I am on and off reading this forum for almost 1 year now ( I am suffering from PS since summer 2016). I got lots of important information and support reading all the stories, feedback and comments. I am 35/M very active father of 2, live in Germany with my kids and wife. My first...
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    Cleft Lift Post-op Question

    Hi all, I've been lurking here for about a month now, and it seems like a great community. Thanks for all who participate. I hope to contribute to the information here, but also get healed and get out of the worrying part of my life right now. I have a question which I'll describe here (or...