primary closure

  1. P

    How to avoid getting E.Coli ?

    Hi All, I had a closed surgery with stitiches with primary closure and I am 7 months post surgery.I had a minor wound breakdown which seems to have filled up well and is on the road to full closing up again. The sad part is that I have caught E.Coli which is ESBL and resistant to some...
  2. Y

    Difference between Cleft Lift and Primary Closure surgery?

    Hi, I wanted to know what's the difference between Basocm's Cleft Lift and Primary Closure Surgery with off the midline cloaure? What I understand is that cleft lift is also a primary closure procedure but how it is different? Any opinions will be greatly appreciated.
  3. H

    Post Op - Primary Closure Experience

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to share some of my experience and tips that helped me a lot after my surgery. I’m a 21-year-old male and I had a small pilonidal cyst which I took out with a primary closure surgery. With primary closure there are several things that can really help you heal...
  4. Arianwen92

    Still bleeding...

    I'm 24yr old female. I had the excision and primary closure on the 19/12/16, a few days later an infection was found. I was given antibiotics and some dressings and sent on my way. Over Christmas I didn't feel well and there was a lot of hemoserous fluid drainage... So much it would go...