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    Needing surgery again. Opinions on local anesthesia procedure

    Hi all, My story I have had my cyst for 8-10 years now. About 3 years ago I couldn’t walk and decided to go get it drained. And was the most painful thing I have endured. The shot was so intense I about passed out. The cut was not bad. I couldn’t not feel it. After he pushed all the blood...
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    Debating surgery... Help!!?

    I’m finally completely fed up with my polinidal cyst. I am planning on calling a surgeon soon and booking an appointment to discuss my options regarding the cyst. From what I understand there are multiple ways to deal with the cyst, such as just draining it and packing it, to full on removing...
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    Recovery/Packing Questions

    I’m 18 and I had my first pilonidal cyst drained yesterday with packing put in. Now, my surgeon and nurse gave little to no information on recovery other than to remove packing in 24 hours, keep the wound clean, and take it easy for a while. I was suggested by the nurse to take a shower while...
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    Surgery Almost Healed but Itchy and little pain.

    Hello guys my name is Jonnie and im new here. I had pilonidal cyst surgery 7 years ago and had the cyst removed , i was left with a big hole which took 3 and a half months to heal..2 months ago my surgery has swollen and had to go to the hospital to remove a small cyst and i was left with 1.5cm...