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    Seven years post op discomfort

    Hey all I had a pilonidal cyst surgery 7 years ago it’s healed properly and has been generally good. Although, some days the incision site hurts while I’m sitting. Is this normal? Some days are much worse then others and I’m constantly worried the cyst is coming back. Has anyone els experianced...
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    Too Soon for Further Treatment??

    I’ve had five pilonidal cysts since December. The first three went away on their own. Fourth one reached pain levels of 10, I could not walk, I could not even last until my appointment with my surgeon and instead went to the ER at 1am. A couple days ago #5 popped up so I went in to nip it in the...
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    Limberg-flap surgery post op bleeding and exudate , Please help

    Hi there, I am on and off reading this forum for almost 1 year now ( I am suffering from PS since summer 2016). I got lots of important information and support reading all the stories, feedback and comments. I am 35/M very active father of 2, live in Germany with my kids and wife. My first...
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    My Pilonidal Reoccurance

    Hi everyone! A brief introduction; my name is Kyle and I am 18 years old, from a tiny island in Europe called Malta. I first found out I had Pilonidal Sinus was in March of 2015. It was a very very tiny hole back then, and the doctor gave me pills and when I went for a checkup a few days later...