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    I'm so tired of it coming back, but I'm scared. What do I do? (Long)

    Hi. As I'm typing this I'm laying on my side on the couch, feeling a good amount of pressure and pain from the same spot as usual. The stupid thing came back again. I've had it come back maybe 4-6 times, maybe even a time or two more, since I was 17. I'm 22 now. I've only had it lanced, every...
  2. K

    Advice needed!!

    Hi everyone! I had pilondial cyst surgery in March 2014 - got stitches and it was sorted in two weeks. Had surgery for another cyst in November 2016 - this time it was left opened to be packed daily and it healed mid-April. Two months after healing - I have another cyst!! It is uncomfortable...
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    My Pilonidal Reoccurance

    Hi everyone! A brief introduction; my name is Kyle and I am 18 years old, from a tiny island in Europe called Malta. I first found out I had Pilonidal Sinus was in March of 2015. It was a very very tiny hole back then, and the doctor gave me pills and when I went for a checkup a few days later...
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    My story

    Hi everyone! I'm currently at my witts end with pilo cysts. My first was about 7 years ago & i had no idea what it was. It was huge & i had several white "heads" which with a bit of pressure unleashed the most revolting contents, treated with antibiotics & didn't reoccur for a few years. The...