scar tissue

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    Wound has closed & healed still painful

    Hi, I had my operation in November 2017 and it was an open wound, The wound closed in mid 2018, however now I am feeling some pain from the area. I did as the nurses told me to; remove all the hairs and keep the area clean. I am constantly trimming the hairs down and showering every day...
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    Questions about post-op recovery

    Hi there, December 2nd marks my first year after getting my abscess drained - hold the party poppers. I've come across the term 'pilonidal paranoia' where patients have their abscess drained, and in constant fear of if it will flare up again, and that any sort of discomfort may indicate the...
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    Tear in scar.

    Hi all, to give a little back story; I've had reccurent pilonidal sinus for the past 4 years and so far have had 5 ops to remove the sinus/cysts. 4 of these were left open to heal and the other was closed with stitches. I've been backwards and forwards to the doctors and hospital for the past 4...
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    Seven years post op discomfort

    Hey all I had a pilonidal cyst surgery 7 years ago it’s healed properly and has been generally good. Although, some days the incision site hurts while I’m sitting. Is this normal? Some days are much worse then others and I’m constantly worried the cyst is coming back. Has anyone els experianced...
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    What kind of specialist/doctor should I see for pilonidal?Amongst other Q's... Any advice please!

    Hey all! I am brand new here, but a decade long veteran of pilonidal (and I'm only 22 how awesome!) a brief-ish rundown of my pilonidal history: I got what I thought was a mosquito bite on my tailbone while reading outside as a 12 y/o, it very quickly developed into about a quarter-sized...