1. L

    Healing after 1 year

    Hey everyone it’s been a year and everything looks good but I still get sharp pains and sometimes get very uncomfortable when suiting I was wondering if this is still normal after a year? Hope everyone has a great day!!
  2. K

    This is my 6th recurrence in 4 years....idk what to do.

    I was 20 when I got my first pilonidal cyst. I remember one day starting to feel pain at the very top of my butt crack. I literally typed in, pain at top of butt crack and starting reading through all the articles. I found one that talked about a pilonidal cyst. All the symptoms lined up with...
  3. R

    Post-surgery/scar bleeding

    Hi guys, so 7 months ago I had an open excision and eventually healed normally. Over these past few months my scar has been itchy and tender, but today I've noticed some small drops of blood coming from the scar. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I'm hoping to get a GP appointment...
  4. I

    Scar With No Surgery?

    Hello all. I'm currently on round... five(?) I think, of flair ups since being diagnosed. The other week I started to feel the usual pain/pressure of a flair up and I booked myself in to see my GP (after an incredibly uncomfortable - to say the least - weekend). Unfortunately the GP was off...
  5. B

    Scar ache

    Hi All, Hope you all doing well! I have a question that hopefully I'll find an answer to from you guys. I had a sinus tract removed last January 2016 and took until June to fully heal (open wound). Hope its not tmi but the wound was pretty close the the old butt hole and was about 1.5 inchs...
  6. V

    Lunges, leg exercises and scar tissue.

    I've had 2 flare ups which required surgery, the last being over 5 years ago. Subsequently I've had no trouble with inflammation or discomfort in my day to day life, other than in the gym. Occasionally (not always) when I attempt lunges in the gym, I get a sharp pain where my surgery scar is...
  7. L

    Pregnancy and possible recurrance

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this thread although my first sign of a pilonidal abscess was in August of 2006 and then I went on to have the cleft lift surgery that December over my college winter break. Had to pack the wound for at least 2 months after since it was a large incision. Other than, it...
  8. F

    scar pain 6 months after surgery

    Hi, I've just signed up for this account so will give a bit of background info- I'm 20 years old and had a pilonidal sinus around 6 months ago when I was 19. It started with a little bump one morning, I figured I'd just been lying on my coccyx in a strange position and went on with my day. The...