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    Open wound after cleft lift with Senapati

    Hi all, I wanted to create a thread about wounds opening up after having a cleft lift procedure with Asha Senapati. I’ve been referred to her after 9 months of grief and 3 failed surgeries with my surgeon at my local hospital. I had a cleft lift procedure with her last week (03/08/22) and she...
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    Bascom with Miss Senapati - post op

    Hi everyone. First of all, I've been reading this forum for years now, and you all have helped out so much. I could go on and on about how much support I've found in reading your discussions and posts, but I'd be here all day! I just want to say thanks to you all. Without this forum, I'd have...
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    Long-time sufferer but first post! Advice needed

    Hi everyone, I had a Bascom 2 cleft closure/lift in 2015 for relatively advanced PSD. Unfortunately this came apart spectacularly, most likely due to infection and fluid build up (wasn't given a drain) and left me with a huge wound in my bumcrack. I went through 12 months of unbearably slow...