sinus tract

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    Question about the actual sinus!

    So I found out that I had 4 sinus tracts over a year ago when one day I just happened to look and saw for holes down my crack. I goggled it and saw that i had pilonidal disease. I’m 21. And have no idea when I actually had all these cysts. I vaguely remember feeling the bumps when I was a child...
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    Sinus healing without surgery? details?

    Hi there! I've lurked for quite some time and finally came up with a question that I can't find the answer to on these threads (forgive me if I failed to search well enough). Has anyone had any luck with healing a sinus without surgery or any other intervention? Or does the nature of the sinus...
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    Surgeon only removed my cyst, left the sinus tract behind?

    Hi everyone, I am in the Ontario Canada area and am 1 week post-op my. During my appointment last week, the doctor decided to perform an open excision on the spot of my cyst, which was small. His excision was only 1cm x 0.5cm big. He told me I was lucky that it was small, and that he would...
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    Never had - cyst or pilo? Please anyone help

    Hi, I am a 27 year old female. About a month ago I started to exercise to lose weight and running 2 miles about 3/4 days a week and floor exercises (in the garage) but used a yoga mat plus ab mat after discovering the yoga mat was not enough cushion due to concrete floors. A couple weeks or so...
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    Bleeding after stitches removed

    It's been over 2 weeks since I've had a closed excision and 3 days since I've gotten my stitches removed. My doctor said that some bleeding may occur and that it is normal, but didn't say when the bleeding should stop. It's bleeding constantly and I'm worried its infected or something.
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    Scar ache

    Hi All, Hope you all doing well! I have a question that hopefully I'll find an answer to from you guys. I had a sinus tract removed last January 2016 and took until June to fully heal (open wound). Hope its not tmi but the wound was pretty close the the old butt hole and was about 1.5 inchs...