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    Fixing Split Incision

    Hi, I've been dealing with a split at the bottom of my cleft lift incision for a couple of months now. I have a doctors appointment scheduled for Friday at a general wound healing center where I live, as I live very far away from my surgeon. I'm really hoping they can help with finally closing...
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    Cleft Lift recovery issues

    Hi all, I'm a 20 y/o male. I decided to make an account to see if anyone on here could help. I've combed through the internet in desperate search for anything that might be helpful to me, so far to little avail. I had a pilonidal cyst I first noticed my senior year of high school. At first I...
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    Long-time sufferer but first post! Advice needed

    Hi everyone, I had a Bascom 2 cleft closure/lift in 2015 for relatively advanced PSD. Unfortunately this came apart spectacularly, most likely due to infection and fluid build up (wasn't given a drain) and left me with a huge wound in my bumcrack. I went through 12 months of unbearably slow...