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    I wouldn't even wish this to my worst enemy. [STORY]

    It all started last year. Once when I woke up, I felt some slight pain while sitting, thinking that it might just be a nasty pimple (I get pimples extremely often.) So tomorrow, it still was there. I thought that it will eventually come to a head and pop. No, still nothing. So I alerted my...
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    My story, more importantly my advice!

    Hi, I am a 24 year old female from England. This post is going to be a lengthy one but hopefully helpful to someone (maybe just like me when I first came to this site) I first came on this website when I first started having flare ups. Every 7 months an abscess would form. Build for 6 to 7 days...
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    Did I make the right choice??

    So I'm gonna so the typical " tell your story " thing, but first a little about me. I'm a 23 year old female who walks alot and has a job where I stand and walk quite a bit.. any way the story... About two weeks ago it had snowed and I fell down every step of my porch on to the concrete. During...