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    Please given surgeon recommendations in Georgia

    I am desperate to find a surgeon in Georgia as I cannot travel, especially with the coronavirus pandemic. I have read of Dr. Ramakrishnan on this site, but she is unfortunately out of my insurance network. I am dead set on the cleft lift procedure as I want the least possibility of this ever...
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    Texas Doctors Cleft Lift Success stories

    I would love feedback on Dr. Randall Rogers or Syed Mohiuddin. I am in Austin but willing to drive. My son already had a deep wide excision in November. It would close and reopen and now looks like what it did when I started so I need to look into something different. I would love feedback on...
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    Not sure what to do anymore.

    Hi all, I just found this form while searching Google for help. Since 2009 I've been dealing with a very large and painful pilonidal cyst. It's internal, no visible bump or anything at all. It was first discoverd after I went to the ER in pain, unable to walk. It was the size of a grapefruit...
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    When to get a second opinion?

    Hello all, first here is my back story: Back in the spring of 2005 when I was 20 I had my first pilonidal cyst. At the time I thought I had just fallen on my butt and ignored the swelling lump until until it became so painful I couldn't even sit. The school nurse at my university simply cut the...
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    Looking for recommendations near Atlanta, Ga

    My 15 year old son has a pilonidal cyst/sinus which became evident last fall. We consulted with a general surgeon about options, but after reading the forum and other resources, I am very interested in pursuing the cleft lift procedure. I know choosing a surgeon is very critical to the success...