surgical wound

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    Wound keep reopens [ help me pls ]

    Hello, I feel so depressed regarding my wound. I did open surgery august 2019 the surgical wound keep healing and reopen every single time. even when it almost healed it reopens and I cannot understand why. I do feel really hopeless and I'm trying to keep the believe it will heal but it's...
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    Unusual flare up symptoms

    Hi! I've been dealing with pilonidal cysts for 6 years, I've had a total of 4 cysts and 3 surgeries. The last few days I've felt some irritation in my scar, but it feels like a burning pain. My cysts grow inwards so the first symptom is usually that horrible tailbone pain from the pressure...
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    Can I get a cleft lift if I have an open wound from prior surgical excision?

    Hey everyone, I have a question about cleft lift surgery. I noticed a pilonidal sinus in early January 2017 and had the area removed by a general surgeon on 1/26/17. It healed well for about a month, but then it had to be re-opened because apparently we stopped packing it prematurely. After my...