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    Pain when getting up in the tailbone area - no cyst for 10 years

    Hi everyone! I wish I had found this forum when I was 12 and had to go through having these horrible cysts. Quick backstory - I got my first one at just after my 12th birthday and although antibiotics cleared it up, it obviously came back with vengeance and was a very painful abscess. I had...
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    Pilonidal cyst or broken tailbone?

    Last March I fell down on my butt on an icy road and I hurt my tailbone and it hurt during whole spring and summer. In July it was MRI'ed and they found a tailbone fracture. I still can't sit properly or lay on my back and the tailbone is swollen and it hurts a lot. I've got cortisone shots in...
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    In Need Of HELP!! Suggestions? Pilonidal??

    First off, hello and thank you so much in advance for any information and/or guidance to help. I apologize if I am not posting in the correct place as well. I want to know if this sounds like a classic case of pilondial abscess or if it could possibly be something else.... Ok so let me start...
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    Reoccurrence after cleft lift?!

    I had cleft lift surgery 2 years ago and have had no issues until now. There's 2 red lines, one on each side and a dull ache high in my tail bone. I don't feel a ball like cyst though so I'm not sure what's going on. My original scars are fine so it's almost like there's a new one coming in...
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    Fatigue, Brain Fog, Neuro Symptoms

    Hi guys, I'm curious to hear other opinions on my strange health mystery the last 6 months or so. I'm a 24 year old male. Around December, I started feeling really sleepy, worn out, and exhausted all the time. I hunt a lot in the fall and live in a Lyme area of WI, so for the longest while, I...