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    What do you do to prevent it from coming back?

    I had my cyst in november but due to covid all non life saving surgeries were banned in my country so the doctor just gave me octenisept(disinfectant) and that was it for the treatment. It kind of healed but there's still a little hole and I'm sooo worried of it coming back. I would really...
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    How daily massages got my wound to heal post-op

    Hi everyone, this is my first time posting here, and thought I needed to share my experience with my pilonidal nightmare that lasted over a year, but ended up healing from the inside out after seeing a physical therapist and performing daily massages to the scarred area. So, I developed a...
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    To everyone who get terrified when reading stories here!

    First of all, I'm Juan from Colombia, 19y/o male. I've had pilonidal cysts for 3 years now, and before I had like 1 flare-up per year, now, I've had 3 flare-ups in the course of 4 months. So, I decided to search for info online before going to my doctor (and, as I've learned here, I shouldn't go...
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    Worried it’s coming back... would love advice

    I’m 20 years old and as of April 2017 I experienced my first pilonidal cyst. I originally thought I had just bruised my tail bone but as I got sicker and eventually unable to move and in constant pain I realized I had a pilonidal cyst. I had it cut and drained with the wound left open. I only...
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    Opinions Please

    Hey y'all! Just need some opinions of what I should do next, but here is some background information... I am a 21 year old female. I was dealing with immense pain from my cyst right before I went on vacation to Tennessee. As I was in TN the pain became intolerable and I went to an urgent care to...