wound care

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    Wound keep reopens [ help me pls ]

    Hello, I feel so depressed regarding my wound. I did open surgery august 2019 the surgical wound keep healing and reopen every single time. even when it almost healed it reopens and I cannot understand why. I do feel really hopeless and I'm trying to keep the believe it will heal but it's...
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    Healing help!

    Hiya!! My partner is currently healing from his 3rd PS surgery. 1st- sinus removed and left open (never fully healed) 2nd- sinus removed and closed with stitches (never completely healed. Small holes at the bottom of wound) 3rd- sinus removes and half stitched at the bottom and rest left open...
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    Special Wound Care?

    Hello everyone, I had a cyst with tracks removed 5 months ago and it was left open to heal. The first two months went good and they told me it completely healed. However, one week later the wound opened up in two spots, a big one on top and a smaller one near the anus. The packing treatment...
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    Hey! It's been six weeks since operation... quite shallow and seems to be healing very well. I've noticed some exudate... it's slightly greenish turns almost transparent when wiped... just a greenish tinge. No smell. No pain. Just a little annoying... it's not heavy as in gushing out... but...
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    Do lancings need to be packed?

    Hello, I am a new user looking for some help. I went to the doctor today and she cut open the abscess and pushed and squeezed and gave me 6 numbing shots. It was very painful but not as much as I thought it would be. The doctor turned to the nurse and asked for packing. The nurse started...