wound packing

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    Post-lancing packing help!

    I am a first-time pilonidal sufferer, and my skin seems to be closing despite having daily packing in my wound post-lancing. Here's my quick background story: I'm 19 years old, female, and not really hairy at all so my pilonidal cyst was super out-of-the-blue. I thought that I had bruised the...
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    Post Incision and Drainage (I&D first time)

    So I’m about 10 days in after having a pilonidal abscess drained. Surgeon left the wound open with instructions to unpack, clean, and repack with iodoform gauze at least once per day. My father is assisting with the re-packing of the open wound. I had my follow up appointment today 10 days since...
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    Just had my second surgery - My story

    Hey everyone, I've read the forum for awhile but finally thought I should join the community and make a post. Maybe someone can read my story and relate - or at least just hear another take on experiencing this condition. Here's my story: Part 1: My first cyst experience In mid-2016, I began...
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    I just had my 3rd lancing done. Every time the pain of the numbing shot before lancing is unbearable. I've never had my incision packed before this one and have to go back today to remove the packing. I just want to know which is worse? That horrible shot or removing the packing?
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    Debating surgery... Help!!?

    I’m finally completely fed up with my polinidal cyst. I am planning on calling a surgeon soon and booking an appointment to discuss my options regarding the cyst. From what I understand there are multiple ways to deal with the cyst, such as just draining it and packing it, to full on removing...
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    Packing Question

    I had closed excision done on January 18th, but upon going for a follow up two weeks later I found out that my stitches fell out and the top half of the wound was open. My surgeon instructed me to pack it, which seemed simple enough. My boyfriend is helping me do this, but I’m concerned...
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    Wound packing on knee help

    so I’m new to this forum, I have been having the hardest time finding any information about wound packing FAQs, what’s normal, what’s to be expected, etc. I had a septic MRSA infection in my leg and had it surgically removed at my knee. I have a 3cm by 4cm wound that’s 5cm deep that I’m packing...