wound vac

  1. C

    Open wound surgery with vac seal

    Hi everybody! So I figured I would post a thread about a vacuum seal healed open wound surgery for second incidence, since I struggled to find information when I was headed to my second surgery. First, I had a closed surgery sealed with stitches in February 2018. The wound was closed and...
  2. D

    Issues having BM with wound vac, any suggestions?

    I got the wound vac nearly two weeks ago. After the first week, my wound went down nearly half in depth. The second week wasn’t so good, as they realized the tract I have is deeper than they thought and might be going into my rectum. I also had a patch of unhealthy tissue somehow grow that they...
  3. I

    Wound vac issues - how do you know if it’s properly on?

    Hi all, First time poster. Trying to stay optimistic. Receiving home car for an open wound procedure in my butt crack. Currently experiencing leakage and annoyed because it isn’t the first time. I appreciate the nurses who take their time to install this thing however what’s annoying about home...
  4. Paininthea$$

    Second surgery wide excision with vac

    help!!! I'm 3 months post op from my first excision surgery. They did a "D" flap full closure on the midline. About 9cm by 4cm deep. I was sent home same day with home care for dressing changes. Now less than 4 days home I was brewing an infection. Long story short my surgeon was going on...