11.5 years since diagnosis

I just wanted to say hello as it has been some time since I popped in. I joined the forum in 2010 when I first had an abscess that needed lancing. Although I had had some smaller flare ups (that awful bruising feeling) some years prior to being lanced, it wasn't until 2010 that I was diagnosed. Admittedly, I thought I had a very grim future of surgeries ahead of me when I continued to have frequent flare ups with pits or drains opening up the first year I was aware of it.

However, I am grateful to report that I never needed any more medical intervention and my flare ups died down significantly over the years. My husband knew full well what he was vowing to when we got married as I have had him inspect my cleft on the rare occasion that I do have some swelling or an angry looking pimple. XD

I hope that those who are just beginning the journey will find some encouragement that not everyone will require a lot of medical intervention for their pilonidal. For those who do, my heart goes out to you. I have other medical issues that cause chronic long-term pain, so I understand how mentally and emotionally wearing it can be. I hope you all find some ray of joy in your daily lives to help keep you moving forward one day at a time.

Until next update, I wish the best for everyone in each of their journeys!


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Hey, any updates on your condition? I’m in my first year of minor disease and would love to hear a happy ending with no surgery needed!