15 year old daughter has PD - Need advice


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Hey all,

My 15 year old daughter just had her second issue with PD. The first was a few years ago and it wasn't bad and didn't last long. This one recently became infected. She was literally unable to walk from the pain for a few days but the doctor prescribed antibiotics and it drained on it's own in a few days. Her relief was instant...right back on the soccer field the next day.

We saw the surgeon, that our pediatrician referred us too, this past week and he is recommending a cystectomy with keeping the wound open to heal. He's saying that it will take 6-8 weeks to heal and that she can play soccer during this time.

As a dad i've gone down the rabbit hole of learning as much about this as possible. I've read a lot and have found this forum. I was hoping you all could give some advice.

1) She doesn't want to do any type of surgery with her HS soccer season starting. The surgeon says she should do it now but can she wait until October?
2) Should we even do the surgery yet? Should we wait to see if it keeps coming back??
3) I don't see any cleft lift surgeons in our area (Middle TN)...is it worth flying to somebody and get that done after the season?

I'm sure there are other questions I should be asking. Any thoughts/ideas/advice is welcomed.