16 months in and now 2 weeks post-op, healing tips


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I'm new to this forum but so glad I found it just before my surgery 2 weeks ago. I had a removal surgery with 5 stitches It is healing well apart from the fact the bottom area is not closing. I had it done on the 14th of December through the NHS but at a private hospital. They are amazing there, apart from the fact they are closed from the 25th Dec 23 to the 2nd Jan 24. I have had a nurse friend come over to check the sticks for removal as otherwise they'd have been in for 3 weeks. The 3 top ones have been removed as it is healing well but left stitches 4 and 5 in due to it still being open. It looks like it is healing upwards which is good. It was pretty deep after how long it had been grumbling on. I have made an appointment with my local doctor for Friday as she advised me to get it looked at. It's clean and not infected but she said that last bit may need packing. I'm thinking of getting laser hair removal at some point after all of this is over as I really don't want it coming back. I don't know if there is anything I can do at home to help with this other than resting up which I'll admit I have not done very well since 22nd Dec with Christmas prep. I'm back on pretty much bed rest but also have deadlines for my uni assignments so am currently lying on my front using my laptop while doing so but it's tricky. On top of this unrelated my car failed it's MOT and needs a few repairs. I'm just feeling really deflated now and also getting a little scared as to the intervention that may be needed to help it heal. I'm a 24-year-old female and I'm very active with ice hockey and football, so already only having 2 weeks off I'm going crazy and getting restless. I also suffer with anxiety and autism so my sport is my outlet and my safe space. I have gaming but I'm getting quite bored of it now.

Sorry this is so long but I'm starting to feel a bit upset and angry by it all.