2 years Post-Op and still battling PD


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It has been 2 years (next month) since my first wide excision marsupialization. Since then I have underwent 2 phenol acid procedures, as well as multiple silver nitrate, to fully "close" the incision. I say "close", because I am still not fully healed and am battling 2 pea sized openings that just don't want to close. I admit I'm not as active as I should be but when I can I move around and walk to keep blood flowing and hope to close these openings. I have days with some blood, but the days I don't bleed or have pain I gain some hope that maybe they're finally closing, but its never the case. I go back this Friday to have these looked at again and I just feel defeated. The hold this has had on my mobility and life these past 2 years is tiring and I'm not sure what more to do. The doctors are discussing a 3rd and final phenol treatment but I feel like this has been exhausted.
I would suggest seeing one of the surgeons with good experience with pilonidal disease and the cleft lift. My 2 sons had this horrible disease and each had at least 3 failed open surgeries that never healed. Finally both had to get the cleft lift procedure by Dr Wadie and they have been doing great for more than 2 years. I highly recommend Dr Wadie for patients with complex disease. However, there are other surgeons in the US who might be closer to you. Dr Immerman in WI and Dr Sternberg in CA.