20 yrs. later contemplating 3rd surgery at age 42

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A common story, I just 20 yrs later am thinking about not "living with it" any more.
1983 Surgery #1 -- 2 days later stitches all ruptures, surgeon re-stitched, thing never healed though (several large tunnels developed)
1984 Surgery #2 -- same surgeon, tried to correct with same technique, incision healed with little openings that never healed.

I gave up and decided to live with it.

2003 (age 41 now) infections/heavy drainage are much more often. My "openings" (THere are 4 along the old incision line) are 4-5 inches apart, the one on top drains constantly, and the lowest one, no more than 1" from anus (very low) is the most swollen area and sore.

Saw surgeon who said "open wound healing. 70% chance of success with this. 3-4 months of disruption."

I am thinking about surgery again (Bascom given complexity?) Will endure months of care and wound healing if there is a technique with higher success rate.

Bascom Doctors in Boston? (Where I live
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