3rd Surgery!!


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Hi everyone, thought I’d share a bit of info about my cysts and see if anyone has any tips for after care and their healing times etc. In May last year I had my first incision and drainage and it took until August time to heal then 2 weeks later I had another flare up and another incision and drainage which healed just before Christmas 2018 - both left as open wounds and packed daily. Last week I was rushed for another emergency surgery and they actually removed the sinus (I think that’s what you call it) as I was on the waitlist to have that done anyway as I have had many cysts before which have luckily gone anyway with antibiotics so I was very prone to them. When I had my previous surgery’s it took a very long time to heal and had a few issues with it - which resulted me in being off work for a really long time which led to bad anxiety and depression. For this 3rd surgery the open wound is really big compared to my first 2 and I’m having nurses out daily to re pack it. The doctors have also said that again I may take a while to heal and be off work for a long time - I live with only my partner who works Mon - Fri and have unfortunately family don’t live near by. Just worried about the anxiety part etc and wondering what everyone else did to prevent healing and to fill their day? Thanks so much and hopefully they made sense! :)