5 days out of surgery, I need help. Packing pain.

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okay, I had my open surgery on the 8th which was thursday, it was only a small sinus, so a small wound. They kept me until monday and there was no pain. Of course when they sent me home, I was in a world of pain, everything is bearable except taking out the dressing.... oh my lord, I bawled why for 2 hours trying to take it out in the tub, I like getting in the tub and doing it myself for I know then when it is going to hurt, thats what I have been doing in the hospital too, but since I have come home it has hurt... any advice, it sticks so much to the sides and it is so horrible, it took me an hour to get it out today, after soaking it with water in the shower, putting saline on it and then getting in the bath, I have been put on atasol 30 put it does nothing for me. The packing and cleaning is easy, its just taking out the packing. Any help would be find.
If you are using gauze to pack the wound, are you moistening the gauze with saline solution first before putting it in the wound? Wounds heal faster and are more comfortable when kept moist. The pain you are having when removing the packing sounds like the wound is becoming too dry. If you are changing the packing once a day, maybe try doing it twice a day. With my son, taking a quick shower before taking out the packing always made it considerably less painful, like what you are doing. We changed the dressing twice a day. Also, he would take Vicodin about 45 minutes before the packing change for the first 2 weeks. Then it did not hurt much at all after that.
yup I am changing the packing twice a day and my mom soaks the packing in saline before she it in. I get a bath before taking it out, and put saline on it, I don't know what else I could do to make it not stick because my pain killers do nothing and my surgon sayes I just have to suck it up.
Hey Derek! Sorry you're in soo much pain. My surgeon said that I could use some Neosporin around and inside the wound for the first week to make the packing bearable. (I'm doing this all on my own to.) Anyhow, it worked like a charm! As the outer portion healed it was more "comfortable" (only term I could think of) so I used less and less Neosporin. Now I'm not using any. You may want to double check this with your surgeon first...just to be safe. Your procedure may have been different than mine. Best wishes!
I did something similar to Lori, but I used a qtip to dab some vaseline around just the outside edges of the wound. That was where the gauze stuck so bad it made me cry a couple of times! It still stuck a bit on the inside, but then I would use another qtip (instead of my finger) to really really gently push and work the gauze out under the water in the tub. But don't worry... the first week seems to be the worst for everyone with packing pain! It will get much easier soon, especially with a small wound! Good luck [oyo]
Been there done that, and i went to the nurses to get my packing changed and I bit through my jean jacket.... I sympathize bud, but your doc is right nothing you can do but suck it up.... ask for stronger pain meds.............
Is it possible that your wound is infected? I had WAY more pain during dressing changes when my wound was infected. A trip to the doc for a swab might be a good idea if your pain isn't getting any better or if you have a fever or green drainage.
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