7 Operations and counting.......

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I'm sure this posting is probably more suited for the 'stories' section of this website, but I've placed this here in the hope of getting some feedback off all my fellow sufferers..

By the way I'm a guy, 29 and from the UK.

This story begins in 1997, when i had just moved away from home for the first time and started University. About two months into my very first year at University, I started to experience a really bad ache at the base of my spine, having been living life like a student is expected to, I just put this down to excessive grooving at a nightclub!!! Anyway within about 48 hours, it got to the point where i couldn't sit, stand or lie without being in REAL pain. I went to the campus doctors and explained that I was really hurting in my arse and also that I felt pretty crappy almost like I had the 'flu or something. The very first thing the doc said to me was 'Have you not seen it????!!!!' I explained that I hadn't been attending my yoga classes and so found twisting my head 180 degrees to look at my arse pretty difficult - He angled some mirrors and WOAH!!! There was a huge black / purple / red mass at the base of my spine. He told me that i had to go straight to the Hospital but being a real mummys boy, I said that i'd rather travel the 150 miles back to my hometown and go to my local Hospital with my mother holding my hand!!

Needless to say that the train journey home was something that will haunt me for the rest of my life.

Anyway the long and short of this tale, is that since that very first occasion back in 1997, I have had another 6 operations with five of them being emergency ops and one of them being a scheduled operation. My General Practitioner still speaks about the size of one post-operative cavity with hushed tones almost seven years on.

The reason I have finally decided to be proactive about this, is because approximately 10 hours ago, I was discharged from Hospital after developing yet another abscess, having been told that a week from today, I am going to be operated on for the EIGHTH TIME!!!!

I'm getting to the point now, where I feel that my life is only something I have in between getting operated on or having my wounds packed and i find it difficult to recall one day which I haven't spent in a codeine haze.

I started a new job last June and within 2 months, I had to take a month off because of one surgical intervention, now i've been told that my upcoming op will necessitate anywhere between 2 and 4 months away from work.

Whilst those close to me are always supportive, It's difficult for them to see this as anything more than a 'boil on the bum' despite my frequent surgery.

Having just read this back to myself, I'm really conscious that this could really depress those readers who might have just had their first surgery. I've been told by the various medical professionals i've encountered in the last 7/8 years that one operation is normal, with unfortunate people needing two or three, so for those individuals who have just had their first brush with PND, take some comfort from the fact that it will probably be your last.

Love and Best Wishes to all fellow sufferers
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