A case study that makes a lot of sense

Robert Eden

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So if you take cold showers at the thought of sex you won't get a recurrent PA? I don't buy it.

How long was the study? How did they enforce what people did? Maybe they just bathed more?

Is a study against sex by a researcher in Saudi Arabia something to be trusted?


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I am sorry - but I object to this being described as work from the UK and Saudi Arabia. The only surgeon from the UK cited is a registrar - not even a consultant, so could only have very limited input into what is clearly a study with specific intentions - largely not to do with health.


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Hello people,
Although it can be seen as a study against sex, in my case it actually makes a lot of sense.
I had only one case of infection before this major one that I experienced last month, and it was several years ago, when I was a teenager and had to study all day long, and it was easy to treat, very different from this one that took me to the hospital screaming in pain and made me take tons of antibiotics pills. After reading this paper I can figure out what happened, like 3 month ago I took big shots of anabolic steroids, to get rid of my fat and became stronger, of course I didn't do it with medical supervision. I had two major collateral effects: increase of body hair and sexual desire, because what I inject in my body was basically testosterone. I watch a lot of porn trying "solve" my problem and sweat a lot, I'm sure that it has something to do with my actual condition, I still don't know if I'm going to undergo a surgery, as I'm doing whatever I can to not have another infection, but I really believe that it won't cure me if my hormones don't come back to normality =[ Sorry for my poor English, I'm typing this laid on the bed to avoid long periods of sitting