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Hello, everyone, I am here to give you some information I wish I knew 5 years ago.

Background: I have had a pilonidal cyst ever since I was 15 years old. It started out as a bump on my tailbone, but me, thinking it was a pimple, tried to pop it. After many nights of pushing at it, it finally burst, which started what would be 5 years of insecurity, pain, and stress. The 5 years involved lots of black pants, sitting awkwardly, having to take a couple minutes to rest after bumping my tailbone against something. After 3 years of having it, my mom found out and she encouraged me to go to a doctor. He told me that he would drain it that day, and then if it didn't go away, I would have to go for a more serious surgery. I went through the draining, which took around 3 weeks out of my life, where I couldn't sit comfortably or work out properly. The cyst was smaller, but it did not fully go away. Within a couple of months, the cyst was back, although not as painful as before. I continued to live with it for the next 2 years, until a couple of weeks ago, my mom met someone whos brother had a polinidal cyst. She told me that the man went to a clinic in Etobicoke,(Ontario) and within a couple of months it was healed. I was specifically recommended to Doctor Slava Kim who practices at the Bioflex Rehabilitation Centre.

Currently: I have been going to the clinic for about 2 weeks and have had around 5 treatments. They are 62.99$ each and are 30-35 minutes of laser therapy. They are the easiest treatments I could have imagined. No pain, not even a little bit. Doctor Slava is incredibly kind, gentle and easy to talk to. I was curious about how this all worked at my first treatment, and before I even left the clinic, he had already sent me 5 different articles on the effects of laser therapy on wounds. I am currently undergoing treatment still, and will update this post once I have been fully healed, but I am writing this post to let people know that there is a solution.

I did not see going for surgery as a legitimate solution. Between working out, studying, and full time work, I didn't see it possible to take time off. With laser therapy I have been able to heal my wound and still continue with my day as I normally would. As I mentioned previously, I have had 5 treatments, and I am no longer bleeding or leaking. I can sit properly without any pain, I am sleeping better, in a better mood, and on top of that, I can wear any pants I want without a fear of spotting at the back.

I highly recommend this clinic and procedure to anyone who struggles with Polinidal cysts. You will not regret it.

If you have any questions, feel free to write them below.