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We finally have a new guest map for Pilonidal sufferers around the world.

Add yourself to our map and make future users feel less alone out there!
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That would be nice! Looks like there is someone who is possibly right behind me. Almost literally in the apartments behind me.


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Hi Sasha, thanks for creating this place to get real advice. I'm a recent sufferer, had my first lancing about 2 months ago. Would you know it, I now have another. Can't wait to live with this for a few more years!


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Hey guys,
Adding myself to the forums. heres my Pilonidial Cyst Story...

I am now 20 years old (male) and i started feeling discomfort in my tailbone area while in 6th grade while doing Physical Education; sit-ups were the worst I simply didn't do them and failed P.E. all together...

At first I didn't know why I was hurting and didn't think to look back there or anything, so it was there and didn't bother me that much exempt for a couple rare occasions. But as time went on, maybe in 10th grade, I noticed the back of my boxers had a round mark of a combination of blood and pus, and thats when I did some research and read other stories.
maybe 1.5 years ago i went to the hospital as i couldn't stand the pain and it had begun to ooze pus. So at the hospital I was numbed, then lanced, and the doctor put in the opening, a piece of long skinny gauze. At the time it hurt in spite of the anesthesia, then the next day i was supposed to take the gauze out and put new gauze in... Yea Right! It hurt like Heck taking it out so i just didn't put it back in.

So now I'm considering surgery as my flare ups are now about once a month... I tell my wife I'm on my period lol...
My flare ups are pretty much a routine now:
1.) Ill start to flare up, until my skin breaks letting the pus out. Thats when Squeeze the pus out from the outer part of the cyst to where i feel it getting hard and work my way to the middle until i can no longer get any pus out and let it heal some.
2.)After about a week the cyst is back for round two but now the opening for the pus to come out is bigger so I'm able to take out more pus as it sometimes becomes clogged at the opening.

I really wish it would just go away but it doesn't seem to happen. Ive read of people putting oils, do any of you have positive results from that?
I've only tried epsom salt baths before I "pop" it and it does help some but not enough. I've thought of putting a vacuum hose on it and see what happens but thats just a crazy idea i believe.

I just popped it like 30 min ago for a second time this week but i wasn't able to get too much pus out.

I think the best place to drain it would be in the shower and looking back at it, but it does get uncomfortable after a short time.

Hopefully I gave another sufferer a few pointers to help ease their pain.

Lets hear your story...

Gina H

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Hi Sasha Thank you for all of your work on this site. My son was just told he has a pilonidal cyst. I have contacted Dr Bascom whom I found thur this site. He says that my son should have a cleft lift, so we are flying out to have it done. I am very nervous and scared for him, do you know of anyone that has had any problems with recurrance or nerve damage after having this procedure? I hope that this will end this nightmare. Also why don't more people know about or do the bascom cleft lift? Just wondering. Thank you for any advice that you might have.

My son has just returned from Oregon recently and Dr Bascom worked to solve his problems. All I can say is...Dr Bascom is the BEST in the world at what he does and you should trust him and do exaactly what he says. Hope your procedure is as successful as my son's was!


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My son is having his surgery this coming Friday and I did not go with him to talk about the surgery ahead of time since he is away at college. I will be there for the surgery but what are some questions I can ask to still understand what's going to happen? I am very impressed with this site, did not know something like this existed till I started doing research. He will be in Ames Iowa for this surgery.


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Hey didn't know were to start so thought this would be the place. Im 22 now two years ago I was on this forum looking for help while waiting for my surgery. After a whole year I had a open wound survey which was to be packed everyday. I guess the biggest mistake was that I never shaved during the healing process and also (being in the UK) i missed my second post op appointment with surgeon which took two months to see him again. My wound was 3 inch deep and 5 cm wide (I think don't really remember). Everyone said it is minor and will heal quickly well a year later its still not healed and is oozing, I went to see the surgeon again and when he found out it was still leaking he said he will have to do an operation again. He said although there seems to be a new sinus developing that it doesn't seem very bad( if that's worth anything). Anyway the thing is I have to go university, my holidays in December should be spent preparing for exams in January not laying in bed getting packed! I don't know if I will be able to regularly go to my uni which is about hour away from where I live. Life after child hood has been absolute garbage for me, I feel like if I make mistakes in life then that's my own fault and I have to move on but that is not the case I have done nothing and just happen to get this damn illness and it is not ruining but has ruined my life. As a young 20 year old and now (22) I'm dealing with this, last time I had a operation I was doing nothing for two months! But now I have unj which I can't miss!

This illness has effected every part of my life, I stopped seeing friends, hardly went out and even when I could get back on my feet and move around I still have discomfort sitting, walking too long( leakage). I still can't do regular things like oh I don't know.... SIT DOWN like normal human beings or go to the cinema, or sit through a lecture squirming in pain. Directly and indirectly this has a huge effect on my life.During the first few months were I stayed home I spent time reading a lot, I come from a conservative religious family, but have completely lost faith in god and don't even believe in religions( should have never read anything on philosophy: ( ). With no faith or idea of god I find hard to cope with these problems. Worst thing is I have no one to talk to, my family knows, I always make it sound like a lower back problem lol. My siblings who know make all the jokes they can, its so embarrassing when a uncle asked what the problem was and my sis said its with his tail bone, my uncle burst out laughing and said "you mean his ass!" My parents love me but came here as immigrants therefore its a cultural thing of telling all the brothers and sisters( my uncles and aunties). So I try keep it to myself and only tell friends I have a 'lower back problem'. I know life is not supposed to be easy but I just hate it, My self esteem is rock bottom, confidence non existent any pride or anything I had disappeared after having taken my trousers down for many strangers to prod my butt. I guess I met some great people like a nurse who was the kindest person ever( the reason I started thinking why should good people not of my religion go to hell) I know it seems off topic but this illness has brought huge changes even if indirectly by giving me more time on my own. Anyway waiting for surgery now, not much I can do but hang in. Sorry for any errors I'm typing on phone.


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Hi - I just noticed your post by chance - you need to post on the main discussion forum, or in the UK one (main one is best because you get loads of replies quickly while the UK one is good for NHS queries etc).
I am sorry you are having such a torrid time. It is likely that it would have failed to heal whatever you did, so don't worry about that.
I would not let your surgeon go near you again, until you have at least seen an expert surgeon in the pilonidal field. Go to find a surgeon on this site, and look for those in RED and find the nearest to you. These are the people who do the cleft lift. In the UK, the very best solution is to ask your GP to refer you to Asha Senapati at the Pilonidal Centre in Portsmouth. This is the site:
It is a NHS centre, so you might have to wait a month or two to see someone but it will be worth it. If your GP uses the choose and book system, he can tell you straight away when you can get an appointment. I can tell you to get to Portsmouth was a 500 mile round trip for us - but after a none healing surgical wound and the return of a sinus - it was worth it.
Good luck.


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Ok, new map! I was able to pull all the data off the old one that wasn't being updated by the creator and do one myself. You will need to have Google account of some kind in order to post a marker.


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wow couldnt help but notice there is someone on the map not even 2 blocks away from me...D Brown, I didnt even expect to find anyone close to me, says they are about to have a consult with a surgeon about having surgery, wonder if its with the same surgeon that did mine?


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Hi all I'm from the UK and I can't believe that doctors are still putting surgical gauze in the wounds, there are so many alternatives. My district nurse has never known this to happen in her career she said. We only use alginates like melgisorb/sorbsan for initial packing and then aquacel hydrofibre there after, virtually pain-free removal. I personally didn't even know it had been removed not even the first time. I was lucky I went private but the nurses were NHS and if they can afford to hand out aquacel and sorbsan surely others can. You would think that the patients comfort would come first rather then what's at hand.