Almost done healing but there's bad news :(


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Okay so I got an excision on 14th June and I just had my last packing done by the nurse. ( I live 5 mins away from the hospital xD) it's been a helluva journey, really! Have had PC since I was 14 and now I am 20 so I pretty much kept it with me for 6 FRICKEN YEARS and I find it quite unbelievable. I am extremely happy that I got the surgery done but there's one thing.. I had 3 cysts, 2 of them were placed in my buttcrack and the 3rd one is on my tailbone as you can see in the photo. The doctor didn't do anything to it, I do not know why but it hasn't built up any flare and it's just flat, it has been flat for almost a year now but I do feel there's a swollen thingy on the right side, my doctor was talking about it and told me it was a dimple and it's not a big issue because it doesn't hurt or anything. What should I do? Every time I sit for long hours, I feel like it's gonna grow our but obviously it doesn't. I can't feel it unless I am fully stretched and only then I can get a good feel out of it.. it's like underneath all the fats or something. I have to really dig my finger into my skin to feel it after I am stretched out. I hope this makes sense because I am really tired and suffering from a really bad flu.

PS: I forgot to mention, that swollen thingy I am talking about has been there for 5 years!! it never aches and never flares up.