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Hi, I have had this disease for about 4 years and all has been fine since my first flare up until recently. The pain is not severe at all and the area is just slightly puffy—I was prescribed Keflex which didn’t work and recently went to my family doctor who prescribed me Bactrim (Sulphamethoxizole) and I am hoping that will resolve the issue but I’m confused as to why it’s been slightly hurting for a month but has not developed into an abcess or gotten worse?
Also, how should I tell my boyfriend about this I know it’s trivial but I’m at a loss!
Finally, if I decide to go about a cleft lift, does it change the shape of my butt or just the actual crack? If yes, what does that entail?
Thanks so much


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Hi Lina,

No it won't change the shape of your butt. Even if it will at the beging (just a little bit), your skin/scar tissue will stretch back with time. So no worries about that. The scar is also quite small and doesn't cause any visual issues (you can ask your doctor to perform a plastic stitching, or whatever they call it).
You should tell your bf about it. As it will last for about a month, after the surgery until you will be back to business again.

It's nothing major or scary, just a minor surgery. There are people out there fighting real diseases daily!
Be strong, it will pas quickly.

Best regards
Was speaking from my own experience, had a cleft lift about 18 months ago.