Anyone else suffer from UTI &/or kidney infection(elevated WBC in urine) during or after lance?


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Has anyone else suffered a UTI and/or kidney infection during or after pilonidal cyst was lanced, that was caused from the infection itself and not antibiotics?

I figured I would give an update since I finally decided to go to urgent care to have the abscess looked at and lanced. It was infact a pilonidal abscess.

This was the 27th of November.
I was given clindamycin (3x daily for 10 days), vicodin and told to come back the next day for a packing change as well as a check up. The Dr sent a culture out to be tested of the infection.

On the 28th it felt MUCH better but still hurt a good deal. It was repacked and that was that, considering that doctor on the 2nd day didn't same much to me. I feel like he was treating it like a normal abscess because when I asked about a referral to a surgeon to remove the cyst inside that isn't coming out, he said it was fine, wasn't necessary and not a big deal unless it became an abscess again (sorry...I know you're an M.D. and all but I'd rather to treat this asap so I don't have to deal with this again if possible). I was worried because it wasn't draining as it should and I think it's because they did not lace the abscess big enough. They told me to come back the following day for another recheck and repacking.

Today, the 29th, I woke up to my lower back and left abdomen area very sore and also felt the sensation of having to urinate frequently since the evening before. I went to urgent like they said to for the recheck and told them the area of the abscess was doing much better and not as painful but explained the small fever, chills and feeling of having to go to the bathroom frequently as well as a sore lower back and abdomen was new since a few hours after coming home the day before. This Dr I saw today got me a bit worried due to her reaction because my temp was 97.2 and she told me she was sending a referral out to a surgeon asap and she didn't understand why the other doctors didn't send one out immediately because there is a cyst inside where they lanced that cant be removed without a surgical procedure as well as more debris inside that isn't draining. I was told I should be feeling better with antibiotics and a low temp could mean my body isn't fighting infection. A urine sample showed elevated white blood cells so she's suspecting a UTI and if it is also a kidney infection, then it was caught fast. She sent urine out for further culture and I am also waiting on the culture of the abscess.

I honestly do not think it's antibiotics causing a UTI. The Dr didn't think so either. I never get them and only had a UTI once in my life when I was a teenager and I only had a kidney infection once due to a bad fall causing it. I've been on antibiotics many, many times and never had any side effects aside from an upset stomach, plus I eat a lot of yogurt and take probiotics while on them. I feel like I may have had the start of a UTI the morning (or even night before) I went into the urgent care the first time to get the abscess lanced.

I was told to once again come back to the urgent care tomorrow to check and repack. I was also told if I feel even just a little more sick than I do now, my fever goes lower or of course a bigger fever, I should go straight to the ER and not the urgent care, so they can run scans and further tests. I've decided I'd rather not spend my day at the ER so will just wait unless it gets to the point of an obvious kidney infection and I can't take it.

I don't know what's worst....having a Dr be nonchalant about it and treating a pilonidal cyst like a normal abscess or a Dr who responds with obvious concern understanding more about these painful abscess, sends a referral off asap to a surgeon and tells you to go to the ER even with a slight shift in temperature lol

As of now, several hours later after my last visit to the urgent care, I am beginning to feel very mild symptoms of a UTI. More than just the frequency of having to go to the bathroom so that sucks. At least I don't have a huge ginormous abscess anymore that left me in tears and laying hunched over my belly, asking the Lord to take me now due to the pain! At least that pain level of 50 on a scale of 1 to 10 is now around a 2 or least that!

So, tomorrow, I once again will go back to urgent care. It's sad when the nurses and the people checking you in upfront know you by name after coming in 3 days in a row to urgent care.

I'm very curious if anyone else had elevated WBC with a urine test and if they had a UTI and/or kidney infection due to a pilonidal abscess...