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Wayne Wertz
4601 West Bryce Lane
Glendale AZ 85301
Oscar, if you haven't already found a surgeon in Phoenix, we highly recommend Dr. Andrew Kassir. He performed my son's surgery on May 4, 2005 and there were absolutely no problems!!! All is healed but a very small pinhole!!! His number is 480-947-3533. Good luck!!!
Phoenix, AZ surgeon

My son had PC excised in May and was fully healed in July, with no problems!!! The surgeon is:

Andrew Kassir

He has 3 offices in the Valley. Good luck!!!
Sorry it took so long to respond! He had closed, which bothered me at first, but it opened a little on it's own which seemed to help the drainage. I think what really helped speed the healing process was soaking in epsom salt a week or two after surgery. The doctor didn't recommend it but we read it here on the site.
Phoenix, AZ

The list of surgeons for Phoenix Arizona listed a doctor's home phone that no longer practices. So I was discouraged. Finally after my latest flare up I gave in and just went to my wife's general surgeon. Turns out she is very knowledgable about the Bascom procedure. She even did her residency with Doctor Bascom's son! She was shocked that I knew about it. I thank this forum for that information. She did a lancing on me today to help it drain for now. I have an appointment with her in two weeks to go over all the details on the actual surgery (Bascom Procedure :D ). Here is her contact information for those of you in the valley! Her name should be added to the list!

Barbera Merz
(602) 995-0822

Two locations!
18699 N. 67th Ave, STE 220

3811 E. Bell Rd, STE 301
Any good Arizona Docs?

Any TUCSON, ARIZONA doctors recommended?

I'm 48, female, and just diagnosed with my first pilonidal. After several months it is about golf ball size, reddened and a bit warm on occasion, but no pain. I wouldn't have known about it except for the feeling of sitting on a lump by my tailbone when I sit on the floor. The two general surgeons in the Sierra Vista area I've consulted are into the military "I'm going to carve a large lump outta your butt!" open excision mindset. Tucson is 90 minutes away and a university medical center. Does anyone know of a doctor in Tucson to consult about the Bascom pit-picking or a related procedure please?

**FYI, I called Barbera Merz's office in Phoenix based on info posted earlier in this forum. Her assistant said she does NOT use the Bascom procedure - only the open excision.
Has anyone gone to Dr. Stefanie Schluender in Tucson, AZ?

I'm just wondering since it looks like I'm going to need a 2nd surgery, and her name wasn't on the list when I had my first surgery 2 years ago. I definitely want to go with a cleft lift this time and she seems to be the closest one to Phoenix.
AZ Docs pit picking procedure

Larken, have you had any luck finding an AZ surgeon who will do the pit picking procedure? I'm looking for a surgeon for my son. We live in Phoenix and are considering going to LA (Dr. Sack) but would like to find a local Doc if qualified.
I haven't asked any of the surgeons in the Phoenix area if they do pit picking, I've just been asking about the cleft lift. I've had no luck in that regard, so I'm doubtful that any of them do pit picking either. It seems every surgeon I have talked to wants to do an excision.
Dr. Johnny Serrano, D.O. (Glendale, AZ)

I had Dr. Serrano in Glendale do my surgery. He did a closed midline excision. His bedside manner is horrible and he is very hard to communicate with. He claims to be an expert in PC excision, but I am unsure of the truth in that. He is what you expect from the "typical surgeon" though. He is fluent in Spanish however, so if you are looking for that, he is your guy.
Just had this procedure done to me today by Dr.Doxey.

I have a closed wound and we will see from there but he is a nice guy to deal with.
I just had a cleft lift / pilonidal sinus removal by Dr. Stefanie Schluender yesterday. This is my second attempt after a failed closed excision about 14 years ago by a general surgeon. Dr. Schluender was very knowledgeable about the procedure and uses it exclusively, I believe. I was sent home with a drain attached that collects fluids, so far just a bit of blood. I will update as my recovery continues. Not looking forward to first B.M. After surgery.
I gave up my search (I live in Tempe) and flew to Eugene for Dr. Bascom. I highly recommend it and would certainly do it again. I dealt with it for years and now, 1 year post surgery, have been very happy with the results.
Just wanted to post an update here from my procedure on Apr 24th. The procedure seems to have worked 100%. No signs of recurrence. Dr. Schluender was awesome, highly recommended. Genuinely cared and understood what we have gone through with this disease.

The recovery was tough, mostly due to hip and back pain from not being able to sleep on my back for weeks. I took a week off after surgery. Fortunately I work from home. I might advise taking 2 weeks off to recover more fully before returning to a real job. Especially if you have the drain attached for a couple of weeks. You'll also need to avoid sitting at all for something like 6 weeks. I was told sitting down puts lots of pressure on the area (duh) and can prevent proper healing.

I setup my home office with a standing desk and used it exclusively for I think 2 months. It took a while to adjust to that, trust me. Mostly foot pain!

I wouldn't say I have any pain now. But, I'm definitely not going to be doing any sit-ups that would put a lot of pressure on the area. I think after ~10 years of just dealing with it, I have a really hard time trusting that part of my body...

If anybody has any specific questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Let me just say one more thing. If you have given up hope and have just been living with this awful condition, do yourself a favor and find the right doctor and get this procedure done. No more wearing feminine hygiene products every day. No more embarrassment. Heck, you get a cool scar! No more stress (am I leaking...?).

Hey Dave! Glad to hear you have had success with your surgery! I had my initial surgery just over a year ago and unfortunately the pressure/leaking is back! Because of your story I have set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Shluender...but she doesn't have any appointments until March 11th!!! Because of your success I would like her to do my second surgery but I just don't know if waiting that long is a good idea? If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Right now I am soaking every night but it really isn't giving meuch relief. I live in Phoenix and will call them Monday morning to see if they can fit me in sooner. Any tips or advice would be fantastic! Thank you.
Unless you have recommendations for another doc, I would wait until March 11. You'll still then have to wait for a surgery date. You could check with them and see if they can schedule a surgery date prior to your visit but id guess you can't.

What type of procedure did you have last year?

Anyway, sorry to hear the news. Keep your spirits high knowing you're going to an expert.