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I didn't have pit picking. I think Dr Cheah did suggest it, but at the time I just had my heart set of surgery and getting it over and done with.


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Good day everyone...

I come from outside of Australia but i will choose Melbourne, due my condition.

I realized this abcess on the last January 2016, I thought it’s just a common abcess, so I think little of it, but after a period of time, I felt pain when i sit and I felt discomfort when I did sports, I decided went to the doctor on July 2016. The abcess is about corn bean size.

First Excision ( 5 July 2016 )

The Doctor said it’s Pilonidal Abcess/Cyst and he did the excision on the abcess about +-1 cm long and drained it well , finally he took out the 1 piece long follicle hair, and did the curettage and gave me the antibiotic.

Second Excision ( 20 July 2016 )

A few days after first excision, my wound is become red and full again with the fluid. The Doctor suggest me to USG to see the line of the cyst. He did the second excision with bigger than first time, +- 1,5 cm and find another tissue and did the curettage and drainaged. After a few days, maybe 1 week, the wound is reccurent again until now. But I didn’t feel any pain since the first excision, my wound still red and sometimes become burst and popping. I mean On-Off.

Any reccomendation for Melbourne Doctor who very very common handle this pilonidal? many thanks to all of you guys, hope for the reply...

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Karidakis surgery.

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