Back Again?

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I recently had a closed-incision surgery on a Pilonidal Cyst in November.

Everything seemed to be healing smoothly. The area is still a bit of a dark pink color and slightly elevated, but I think that's normal (please inform me if it isn't) but I am worried.

About a week and a half ago, I discovered a rather large, painful (it burns horribly), nickel-sized bump on the inside of my right butt cheek. In fact, it's actually about the same size that my Pilonidal Cyst was before it was removed.

My family has a history of hemorrhoids, so I just dismissed it as such and have been applying Anusol to it daily. It seems to have decreased in size, but not much. In the few times that I have had hemorrhoids, they have only lasted a few days and have gone away without medication.

Is it possible for a Pilonidal Cyst to grow back in a different place, as in my case, the inside of the right butt cheek [:I]? I think I'll have it checked out by a doctor if it doesn't start going away.

Thanks for any input you can give.
Not open for further replies.