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I recently was diagnosed with PC. Thought it was nothing and continued my life as normal after the doctor pulled out some hairs from a pimple-like thing between my buttocks. Everything healed up fine after 3 days but then i got a new infection in the area one month later. No pain, just a large pimple that drains pus. This also healed after about 1 week. The local doctors (they can hardly spell "Pilonidal") tell me that it looks great and will probably heal up nicely. I now have two small half-pea-sized bumps under my skin near the midline. These are located approx. 3-4 cm below where the buttocks start 0,5cm to the left side from the midline. I can feel it when I walk but theres not much pain from the area otherwise. I also have two small sinus openings at the top of my buttocks. They dont drain. The local doctors say that I should not worry to much about them since some people are born with "holes" in the midline that are not active.

After reading on this page Im utterly terrified.. I have serious problems even considering surgery but I cant live my otherwise active life with this flaring up every month. I dont know what to do, I´ve been seriously depressed the last three weeks. It feels like this has alraedy ruined my life (even though i realise im lucky not to have had any hard painful flareups).. no exercise (I train muay thai 3x week normally) and almost no sleep at night (worrying about surgery).

Now, I wonder if any doctor in Sweden performs the bascom techniques mentioned here? These seem to be quite simple compared to the only surgeries offered at my closest hospital (called "Midline" and "Karydakis" -they are performing a study, you can choose which surgery you want, or they give you one randomly). I dont have an appointment with at doctor yet, but I see where this is going since noone seems to get rid of it otherwise..
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i know this happened a long time ago from now, but im wondering if you ever had any success in finding a surgeon here who practices the bascom treatments? i just moved from the US to malmö and i'm worried that its time to do something about mine with a second flare-up within 6 months. mine is also not too serious, more discomforting than serious pain, so i would like to find someone who can perform a more conservative surgery here. any tips?


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I am desperately looking for some good surgeon in Stockholm for pilonidal sinus surgery..If any one knows..please help..


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I am a surgeon, working in Jönköping. I have since 5 years had a special interest in pilonidal disease and has adopted and refined an old conservative method that we hace called Modified Lord-Millar method. It is a minimal invasive proceduer under local anestesia. There is no need for admission to hospital or sickleave. We have presented the method and the results for our first 72 patients here. We are confident that this treatment is efficient and suitable as first line of treatment for pilonidal disease.

You can contact us for advice and appointment for treatment at

Roland Andersson


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Hello Roland,

I am interested to read your article, is there an English version?