Can anyone share an actual surgical removal expirience?

Ron Bowers

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Ive been nursing one for decades but as of afew years ago it never goes away and I know its only gonna keep getting worse.

Past treatments have been they cut into it and antibiotics.

When I had no doctor or insurance I would let em blow on their own and just take some peroxide wipe it down.

Can they be surgically removed permanently and how does that work?

I am also curious as to the recovery.

Really hoping somebody can share their experience and set me on the right path here.


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I would look into the Cleft Lift procedure. Very high success rate with significantly low reoccurrence. I'm 3 years post-op and am living a normal life doing any activity I please. There is a lot of information on this forum about this procedure. Do your research and don't jump into surgery out of convenience. Good luck!