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After being told by a public health care surgeon that i would have to wait 6 months to get my surgery for my pilonidal sinus, I decided to go private.

I had it done in Montreal at the Westmount Surgical Center:

My surgeon was Dr. Tchervenkov, a very reputable surgeon who specializes in this kind of surgery. He did an open wound style surgery, and it's now been 2 months since and I've had no infection and it's almost completely healed. The surgery is not that expensive (1800$), and it was a really reassuring environment to be in pre and post-op. I really recommend getting a consult there if you need surgery because they will operate within the month. Dr. Tchervenkov comes every Friday in the morning, so you can book a consultation then.


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Canadian Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons

I pulled this from another post while doing clean-up... Keep pushing on these guys, you Canadians!

I contacted the Canadian Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons. This is what I received. Encouraging.

Dr Carl Brown, Manoj Raval and Terry Phang are colorectal specialists familiar with the Bascom technique for pilonidal disease. You would need to have a referral sent from your family doctor with your medical information. Their office tel. number is 604-806-8711, fax 604-806-9604.


Jasmin Lidington
Executive Director
Canadian Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons
774 Echo Drive
Ottawa, ON K1S 5N8
tel: (613) 730-2576
fax: (613) 730-1116


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I'v been informed that Dr. Ron Monaghan in Ottawa is no longer performing the pilonidal cyst(sinus) surgery :(
I have been referred to Dr. G.A.Dervish
My appointmet is at March 30th :(!!!!


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Please respond regarding DR. CATHY HSU - VANCOUVER


I am wondering if anyone can kindly give me some more information on Dr. Cathy Hsu...I tried google and found limited information. I am looking for any doctors/surgeons in canada who can perform the pit piking or cleft lift surgery for my 17 year old daughter who is suffering with this......please any information would be suffice.

Thanks so much!


I hope that you had success with your daughter's treatment. I too have a daughter who has been suferring with this for 5 years now. I am looking for a surgeon in theVancouver area. Were you able to find, and would you recommend Dr Hsu ?

thankyou, "worried mum"


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Hey guys, I'm so relieved to find this site. I have had many annoying drainage surgeries due to my pilonidal disease. Im going to have another in the nect couple weeks. I have had Dr. Creedon preform one of my surgeries in the past. My personal experience is to try your hardest to get a colorectal surgeon. I am trying to do that now. I wish there was more options for people living with this in BC. Unfortunatly the doctors don't take this disease seriously. I am fed up of the doctors not providing me with proper care. I had my first surgery in squamish and the doctor stuck frrezing right into my abbsess, and then pushed on it. OH My god the pain! I then had a major infection and was hospitalized the next day. I want to have the final surgery after I heal from this one. Does anyone had a successful exsision surgery? Has anyone had reoccurances after the surgery? Skin Graphing? ect. Please let me know.

hope that you have found a successful treatment since you were posting here. I am also in Vancouver seeking halp for my daughter who has been suffering with a pi;onidal cyst for 4 years now. Would you be so kind to let me know if you found a
good doctor here.

many thanks from a very "worried mum"


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I had the best doctor ever in Vancouver, British Columbia. His name was Dr. Nagy and he's on the 800 or 900 block of West Broadway.

I had my cyst for 18 years and it was really big and he did an excellent excellent job, although it took me 3 months to heal, can you believe I had NO pain. He's got a special trick he uses which he'll tell you more about should you see him.


I am also in Vancouver seeking help for my daughter who has been suffering with a pilonidal cyst for 4 years now. I am just wondering if your surgery has been successful longer term ? ( I certainly hope so !).

many thanks from a very "worried mum"


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Looking for a surgeon in Ottawa or surrounding area. Saw Dr Monaghan three years ago for a consult but he recommended no surgery at the time. Read somewhere on here that he no longer does pilonidal surgery, so since I would need a new referral anyways, was wondering if anyone has any news on other good surgeons around here. Currently recovering from a pretty bad abscess flare-up... was drained and packed in emergency, and the doc there recommended i revisit the option of surgery.


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So no one replied here, but I thought I would update. After finding out that indeed Dr Monaghan doesnt do surgery the nurse at my family doctor called around looking for other doctors. She was told that only colorectal surgeons are doing pilonidal surgery in Ottawa now, since as we all know pilonidals are quite "finicky". I got in with an excellent colorectal surgeon... Dr Boushey. Unfortunately, wont be having the surgery till at least next October! There is also another doctor, Dr Moloo, who is apparently quite good as well.


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In Windsor ,Ontario,Canada. My surgeon was Doctor: Dr.Yigang Luo. He preformed an excellent open exclusion surgery on me to remove my pilo and i do believe that he is a C/R surgeon. I would highly recommended him to anyone in our area that is in need of a pilo procedure. All the ER nurses said that he did an excellent job on me and that he is one of the best in our area.

Suite 202
1106 Ouellette Avenue
N9A 1C9

Phone: (519) 973-4693
Fax: (519) 973-4693


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I am also in Vancouver seeking help for my daughter who has been suffering with a pilonidal cyst for 4 years now. I am just wondering if your surgery has been successful longer term ? ( I certainly hope so !).

many thanks from a very "worried mum"

Hi Worriedmum, it's been 6 or 7 years and no sign of it coming back. This doctor, Dr. Nagy really is the best out there. Good luck.

Chris T

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Hi, I am heading back to my GP for a second referral to a surgeon in Victoria who had first recommended a local anaesthesia and open wound surgery. I am a little weary of this as I would prefer at the very least sedation and possibly a general anaesthesia. He was very brief and I left with more questions than answers. This was in late 2010 and I have been living uncomfortably with this ever since.

After a few days of discomfort over the past couple weeks I have decided to get the surgery done, but I need to see my Doctor again for another referral. I am hoping to find a surgeon who is more open to different techniques and more personable.

Does anyone know of a good surgeon in Victoria that they could recommend? Thanks!


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Hey All, I've been suffering for about 10 months now.

I have called Dr Curtis Ciona and confirms he only does the rhomboid flap surgery.

So far only doctors i know do Wide exisions :(


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i live in toronto, just had my surgery done in brampton by dr malik, seemed pretty good, i guess he also specilizes in this type of surgery

Hi Calimedeiros,

I found out about Dr. Malik from looking on the Cleft Lift Surgeon list, and I'm getting referred to him for the operation. This will be my second operation, and I really want to make sure he's a good surgeon. Any news since the surgery? Can you give me more details about him? Anything would be much appreciated.

Thank you


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If you're in Nova Scotia I would recommend Dr. John Murdock in Dartmouth. He just did my excision, and performed it on a few people I've met and spoken to. He has great bedside manner, very professional and he will make you feel a little more comfortable about what you're going through.


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A little love on the EAST COAST?

Nova Scotia

My surgery was preformed by a general surgeon, Dr. Sam Minor, in Halifax NS. He was nice, to the point, but most importantly, got the job done right! He also is not invasive. I was healed up and happy in a little over a month.

I explained to him, that as a young woman (22) I was nervous of how things would look cosmetically after the fact. He understood. It's simply a confidence thing for me. I mean, tons of you could probably care less if you're entirely missing a cheek by the end of it with the pain and torture you go through with having this..... but for me it was important.

And DAMN! You can absolutely not tell at all that I had the surgery.
There is a perfectly hidden scar that is about 1/2" long and I couldn't be more happy!


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Has anyone had a pilonidal surgery done in Calgary? What was your experience? and could you recommend me a good surgeon.

Thanks in advance.


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Dr St Jean (Benoit)
Works out of Montfort Hospital Ottawa
Apparently he is damn good.

I had mine done by him at the Kemptville Hospital (Kick ass hospital, soo damn nice there)

In and out quick and felt well treated.


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Dr. Robin Boushey Office
The Ottawa Hospital, General Campus, CCW, Room W1617
501 Smyth Road, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1H 8L6
Tel.: (613)737-8899 ext. 71724Fax: (613)739-6646

Dr. Boushey will not see patients under the age of 18. His receptionist was unable to confirm with me that he would indeed perform the Bascom Cleft Lift Procedure although he does do surgeries for Pilonidal Disease.