Choosing a provider


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hi again! I had a consultation and cleft lift scheduled with Dr. Sternberg, but I found out today that he isn't in-network with our health insurance (United Healthcare) anymore. This makes the total out-of-pocket cost about double what we were thinking, so now I'm looking into other options...

I live in Southern CA and also found Dr. Akopian, who I believe does pit picking as well as cleft lift. I've seen a few positive reviews on him online, but I don't know if anyone here has anecdotal experience with him recently?

Another great option is flying to see Dr. Bascom in Oregon, but I'm not sure whether they take United Healthcare or how long their waiting list is for surgery (haven't been able to catch them on the phone yet, unfortunately). Has anyone had recent experience with how long their waiting list might be or their insurance policies?

I was also considering flying all the way to Wisconsin to see Dr. Immerman, since he is in-network with United Healthcare and his staff has been very responsive via email (and of course his reputation is top notch!)

Any thoughts?