Cleft lift after lancing x2


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Hi everyone,

I have been suffering with PS for about 3 years and a half now. I have taken over 10 courses of antibiotics to help flare-ups. I had my first lancing in November 2016 where I had to have emergency surgery. After my first lancing, I went 8 months without any problems. I then started having problems again and took 3/4 courses of anti-biotics whilst being placed on the non-emergency waiting list to see a surgeon. In that time I had another major swelling in February 2018 which lead to my second lancing.

After my second lancing I went to see a specialist surgeon who suggested having cleft lift surgery. We talked about all my different surgery options (eg pit picking) and he was surprised at how informed I was (thanks to this thread)! I was a bit hesitant and decided I would have the pre-assessment for the operation but wait and see how my wound healed. The scarring is in the same place as my last lancing.

It healed well after 4 weeks but after just 6 weeks I had another swelling which I have had to take antibiotics for. I have two pits and two scars next to each other from the lancing. There is clearly an underlying problem as my lancing only drained the inflamed infection.

I have decided that I definitely need surgery - especially as I am moving to China in september for 8 months as part of my university degree. I just wanted some opinions on the cleft lift surgery and second opinions as to whether I'm making the right decision. My surgeon is a specialist in the UK and is listed on the recommended surgeons by Obviously I am a bit worried as to the reccurence rate after and also what it will look like as I'm only 19.

Thanks so much and I greatly appreciate any thoughts/opinions!


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Hi susy!

I am still new myself to the pilo, so I don't have any advice from experience for you.. But it sounds like you made the right decision to go gor the cleft lift! Especially when heading to a foreign country! It's great that you could get a recommended surgeon from here! Sounds like you are in good hands and I'm sure everything will be ok!

I am in a similar and yet different situation but equally keen for any thoughts. Just got lanced last week after having developed an abscess and the whole pilo thing for the 1st time ever.
I have seen a colorectal surgeon last week and am now scheduled for a Karydakis in one month too. (I live in Austria and I am already glad I found a competent looking surgeon at all, Cleft lift is not very common here...).
I usually work as an Aid worker in developing countries so I totally feel you about wanting to get rid of the cyst before leaving. That is also what makes me go for the surgery now instead of waiting to see how it develops. I just don't want another abscess in the middle of nowhere with little healthcare means... Knowing that living conditions might get me a flare up probably right away. But still I am concerned, Wouldn't want to rush in an unnecessary surgery on the contrary as well. Argh.

Well, sorry for not having better advice but just know that I'm feeling you and that you're not alone out there!