Cleft lift as first option?


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I've had this cursed thing since August. I did a telemedicine visit and did a round of antibiotics in January, which eased some of the symptoms but didn't make it go away. I finally got the courage to go see a doctor in-person who said it would have to be removed as it's large. She prescribed antibiotics again and referred me to a local surgeon and I'm waiting to get a call.

I have a severe phobia of EVERYTHING medical so I want to get this thing taken care of the right way, the first time, permanently. If I had to go through four surgeries like I've read about here I think I'd waste away completely.

To stop my frantic googling I thought I'd ask here. Has anyone gotten cleft lift as a first option? If the cyst is infected does that have to be dealt with before the surgery?
I got cleft lift as my first surgery 2 months ago and I think it was the right decision. I remember my extreme anxiety before making that decision. What if a "smaller" surgery could work? In the end, the BCL was the best thing for me. Highly reccommend taking the extra step to see one of the experts (bascom/wadie/immerman/etc) recommended on this forum. Lots of doctors say that they do the cleft lift but aren't trained properly and can mess it up.