Cleft lift at pilonidalklinikken in Denmark


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After one z-plasty operation in january 2013, one open wound op in february 2013, one small insicion in october 2013 I managed to get a new sinus track.... I'm soo fed up by this. How is it possible for new sinuses to form? I have been standing up(work in an office), learned to sleep on my stomach for air to get in, eating well, no exercise, etc. After the last surgery in october I finally thought that it would be over but my boyfriend just found a small opening. I also have a terrible stinging and itchy feeling all along the crack. Espceially around the anus where Im really read. It feels like having a cactus between my buttoks especially when walking.

Last week I started to apply antifungal cream, Canesten, wich has made things better but stinging is still there but not as intense. I'm gettting desperate and when I have appointment with my surgent next week I know that he propbaly wants to do another small cut 2 cm between the holes. But it just keeps coming back!!!

Im thinking of doing a cleft lift but no swedish surgents are listed at the pilonidal site. Im thinking of going down to Denmark and visit Anders Bertelsen at the Pilonidalklinikk. Has anyone done a cleft lift there? How was it? What is your recomendations? It do cost me 14 000 kr but I'm getting desperate!

As I mentioned this is really driving me crazy. I think of it all the time.... I just want to get well, I havent had a normal life since january(almost a year) when I had the z-plasty.

Please help!


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The stinging and redness _might_ still be other things. 3 months after surgery is generally not very long. If you read on wound healing you find that deep wounds heal during up to 2 years. Stinging is not very nice, and might be a sign of something you want to check up. But a general "unpleasant" feeling is something that come-and-go during the healing process. Also, it's common to get a post-pilonidal stress and imagine that the stuff is on it's way back, although it's not.

Go see the Doc! And try find a new one if you're not feeling comfortable with the proposed ideas. You probably need to switch surgeon if you feel like the one you're seeing doesn't have any other ideas than "small cuts".

Also, I think there might still be Surgeons in Sweden doing cleft-lifts. I have seen pictures of similar wounds on some Swedish blog, about some girl in Oskarshamn.
The list on this site is not exclusive (not all Doctors are included). My doctor is not listed by name, but the hospital is listed.