Cleft Lift surgery by Dr. Mehli Nazir - India


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I got a cleft lift surgery for my pilonidal complex one month ago by Dr. Mehli Nazir at Breach Candy hospital in Mumbai, India
He is an exceptional doctor and he has perfect protocols for before and after care.

I was diagnosed with pilonidal disease more than 10 years ago when I was a teenager. This time the pain and discharge lasted for 3 weeks. I was advised Z plasty surgery that has 25-40% recurrence rate, which was not acceptable! Then I luckily was referred to Dr. Nazir who examined my punctums and showed them to my parents explaining the entire nature of the condition. His expertise lies in cleft lift surgery which has a 0% recurrence rate. A dye is injected on the operation table and the excision taken is wider and deeper than the area covered by the dye- ensuring all punctums are removed. I had a 4cm long sinus and was explained that even my anal canal might be involved. He was very reassuring and always available to answer all my questions.

After blood tests, ECG and X ray, the area was shaved. I was visited many times by Dr. Nazir himself who explained the procedure in detail and reassured me. I had a heavy breakfast at 5:30 AM the next morning and was NIL by mouth till 11 AM, when I was taken for surgery. The pilonidal complex involved my anal canal and my external anal sphincter had to be reconstructed. There was a dubious scar that on checking had hair shafts, and was removed.

2 hours after the surgery I could have water and 3 hours after i could eat again. I had a drain which stayed for 5 days. Dr. Nazir himself visited me multiple times after the surgery and even called at night to see how I was doing. I had no difficulty except pressure sensation on sitting on soft surfaces and turning in bed, this has completely resolved now

On the 5th day follow-up, the drain was removed and the first layer of stitches was removed. On 7th day, the second layer of stitches was removed and there were no signs of infection. I completed my 4 weeks follow-up and will go again after a month.

It is rare to find such a friendly and approachable doctor, who surpasses all expectations!