Day of surgery, 1-6-05, the whole scoop

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Hello everyone, I first want to say I am so happy this is done. I am going to start with the day before surgery, a brief description. I hate to think anyone would drive them selves crazy such as I did. This will probably be very long, as there was a lot of stuff that went on the day of surgery.

1-5-05 the day before surgery
I woke up a nervous wreck, sick to my stomache, unable to do anything. The later it got the worse I got. My sister-in-law came by and I lost it. Today she is in surgery, same doctor fo breast cancer. Here she was consoling me, knowing the day after she'd be right were I was the day after me. I am happy that after my surgery I felt good enough to console her a little before she went in this morning.I am also happy to report that her breast cancer was found fast enough. Today they will only remove the lump and the glands. Anyways, I didn't sleep much of Thursday night, it was a long night before surgery.

1-6-05 day of surgery

5:45 am woke up to get ready for the hospital
6:00 am left for the hospital, at this time I wasn't really nervous
or scared.
6:15 am Arrived at the hospital and checked in. Me, my husband and 4
others were walked to our hospital rooms. It seemed like the
walk took forever. There was another lady who was crying
as we walked that long walk. It took everything I had to not
cry along with her. I am such a big baby.
6:20 am I arrived to my room. The lady who was crying ended up being
in the same room with me. She calmed down and didn't really
cry anymore, atleast till they came to get her. Anyways, we
talked a little, after changing out of our clothes and into
our hospital gowns. She was having orthoscopic Knee surgery.
Lucky for her surgery was around 8 am, my surgery wasn't
scheduled till 10 am, 4 hours to just lay there and think.
6:30 am We have a 4.5 Earthquake. That's right, of all days it just
had to happen when I was on the 3rd floor waiting for surgery
Just my luck. On the 3rd floor we felt everything.
7:30 am Nurse comes in to get my neighbor ready to be taken down for
surgery. The nurse was very cruel to the lady next to me.
At one point the girl asked if they would be giving her some
thing to help her relax. The nurse replied "Nope, your just
going to have to suck it up." The lady told the nurse how
scared she was, I couldn't believe how uncaring this nurse
was. She told the lady next to me "Everyone is scared before
surgery, your being really ridiculous, stop acting the way
you are, your a grown lady and acting very immature. I being
a person who suffers from anxiety anyways, did not need to
hear this, that is for sure. By this time my husband was even
angry and told me if she was as rude to me as she was to the
lady next door he would file a complaint and insist on a
different nurse.
8:00 am The lady next to me goes down for surgery.
8:30 am Getting very nervous, sick to my stomache and feeling like I
want to vomit. While sitting on the bed with a pillow
crunched in between me, the nurse came in and asked if I was
ok, her attitude towards me was much different. Anyways, I
broke down. After speaking to the doctor she came back and
gave me two valium, finally something to help me relax.
9:30 am I find out that my surgery is postponed till around 11 am.
10:45 am My ride to the surgery room arrives. While in pre-op I spoke
with anesthiologist to see if I could get the MAC instead of
general, him and to doctor agree to give it a try. I am
I am taken to the surgery room, no versed, and the valuim
wearing off, to make matters worse my anethesologist seems
to have disappeared. I lay there in the surgery room totally
and completely awake, for which seems to be the longest time
ever.The anathesiologist finially arrived and off to surgery
I went.
around 1 pm I was in recovery, One of the nurses who assisted in my
surgery came up to me and told me that they did try the MAC
but had to put me under general anesthia because the locals
where to painful for me even under heavy sedation. I take
it was pretty deep. For some strange reason they had me on
my back and the pain was pretty severe, but controlled after
2 doses of demerol.
2pm taken back to my room
2:30 finially I am out of the hospital.

The drive home was not to bad. I must say the pain has been much less than I had imagined. The rest of the day I slept on and off but for the most part things were ok.

I will be back on later, I need to go lay down.

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