Doctors won't do anything?


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My poli cyst has flared up three times now, they just keep giving me antibiotics. The second time it happened my doctor told me to go to the emergency room if the pain is still the same tomorrow, I went but there was a six hour minimum wait time and it's excruciating to sit up in a chair for ten minutes let alone six hours. So I went to another hospital and the doctor who saw me said no, it's fine the antibiotics will work soon and just to take pain medication until it goes away.
Now it's flared up again so I went to the doctor and he gave me antibiotics again, obviously this won't help! I've heard that the only real cure for this is surgery. My doctor also said this time that I might need a lancing if I decide to go back to the hospital but it's up to me? I've read a lot about lancing on this forum being extremely painful and it just comes back. I am petrified of surgery/dentists. I have major panic attacks and am on medication for that so I can't see myself sitting through a lancing. Also the doctor at the hospital refused to anyway.
How do I get my doctors to take me seriously? anyone else in Australia know what the protocol for this is? I've taken so much time off from work because the only position that relieves pain in jus laying down on my back.
All they do is give me antibiotics and I'm so sick of it!

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Hi Evie Jane! My experience with pilonidal disease is as my son’s caregiver for 6 1/2 years of abscesses, lancings, and excision surgeries. He recently had a cleft lift surgery with an expert in pilonidal disease and I believe he is healed. It was a world of difference having a physician who understood, really cared, and knew what to do. You need someone who understands pilonidal disease. There is a page on this site of cleft lift surgeons and it looks like there are several in Australia. Here is the link to that page: I would also encourage you to look at this site for more information for yourself: Knowledge about pilonidal disease helped relieve my fears for my son’s health. I wish you the very best in finding a good doctor who understands.


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I had a lancing on the 5th I was freakin out so bad that they gave me conscious sedation? alli know was I wasn't awake but didn't need a breathing tube. my hole was pretty big . but I have to say I didn't take pain meds except half an oxy before packing changes. my first packing change was awful he was rough.. everyone after that was a breeze. to make it easier request they use a little saline or sterile water while removing packing so it doesn't stick. unfortunately I believe towards the end the packing wasn't done efficiently because the spot my sinus was attatched to closed early and left a pocket. there is a tiny hole there still so we're trying to put what we can in it to help . because I started getting swelling in my midline again 3 weeks after my lancing. it doesn't hurt this time. just" feel it" however I believe that's due to that little hole letting the fluid cone out through my incision. it's apparently clear according to my primary( she pushed around it and only a tiny bit came out) I'm currently on augmentin . but before being okn it for even 24 hours I've already felt the pressure start to subside. I would suggest looking for a Dr that does pit picking and talking with him before a lancing. from what I've read is best to do pit picking is best done 8 to 10 days after a lancing