Does it even ever end?


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So uhm...

Mar-22: Surgery
Sep-22: "Closed"
Oct-22: Re-opened
Nov-22: "Closed"
Dec-22: Re-opened

That's been the story of my life. This year, when I thought I was finally going to have a second procedure, I was told that an MRI scan signalled there is "no clear sign of a pilonidal sinus" - save for the fact that I can't sit on the floor with my legs stretched out for 5 minutes without being in pain and that touching the top of the cleft makes it go completely red and feels like it actually presses in like a dent.

So now, I've got a GP appointment on Friday and I'm hoping that I can somehow push through a referral to Dr Asha Senapathi - the amount of people that have spoken highly of her on this forum have got me to push through.

Never thought I'd find a random group of anonymous people who know so well of what life feels like in this moment. For everyone struggling, I hope it gets better for you!