Don't let consultants and surgeons fob you off


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Hey. That's amazing, not that long at all. Perfectly normal to feel nervous.. I was really nervous but everyone is so friendly and calming, I was really impressed with it all. Anesthetist will make sure you're calm with some drugs (and jokes) before you go under. This is one of the best things you'll ever do - and it will fix you - remember that :)
Thanks luke I can't wait to have the operation I told pat yesterday about all the positive feedbacks on this forum on cleft lift.

I did plan to stay at the hotel jingles 4000 feet or 3 mins away from the hospital but with lockdown hotel's are shut until May 17th, when you got a wound like this, lockdown restrictions really is the worst, my wound just heals reopens heals reopens cleft lift will 100% for sure fix this :) I can't for a normal life I recommend everyone on here get the cleft lift because I've found no amount of dressings is going heal up failed surgery's in the past.