Excision by Local Anesthetic Infiltration

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Hello there,
I guess the right term is welcome to the club..
I've been diagnosed with pilonidal disease, multiple drain openings, haven't been lanced, drained on it's own during a flar up.
GP refered me to a General surgeon, suggested Excision- open with Marsup (sp). Stiching. Just found this site and the surgery is scheduled 1 week from now.

Quickly going over the info, found that open excision is probably the best method.
So my question to all.

Everything in my picture appears to be fine except for the surgeon's suggestion of having this done with local anesthetic infiltration. He said numbing the area with local anesthetic.
I asked while under General? He replied No, nothing is required except the local shots. I said is this painful? No answer, said its not mandatory for general.... I asked how big is the section to be removed, he said usually about the size of my index finger. So I said sure no problem, if thats the norm.

So the biggy Question, is this physician correct? I never had surgery before, so how bad can it be?

Has anyone had it done with local infiltration alone?

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