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Hi all,

So long story short. I had my first abscess age around 16. Had surgery, packing, etc. Was fine for a while but returned on and off over the years. Always either staved off with antibiotics, calmed with hot compresses or waited for it to burst (grim!).
Around 5 years ago (age 27) it came back with an absolute vengeance but rather than coming out to a head, the infection went inwards and deep and I had to have a huge excision, months of packing, etc.
Because they basically scooped out half of my bloody back, I’ve had absolutely no issues apart from some pain from scar tissue as it’s so tight which I manage with moisturising cream.
However, I’m getting the feeling of something stirring. There is no redness or swelling and it’s not painful but feels like a dull ache coming from deep within. Should I be seeing a doctor? There’s nothing to see so do I just wait it out and do the usual keeping off my back, etc? I don’t feel like warm compresses or tea tree oil baths will help as it’s inside, rather than coming out if that makes sense?

I don’t really know what I’m looking for on here but any thought of it recurring sends me into a depressive state and I guess I just need to talk to people who understand how horrendous this can be. Any advice or reassurance?

Thanks for reading if you’ve managed to stay til the end!