Feeling rubbish after burst


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Hello everyone good evening I am from the UK.

I have a disability consequently making me electric wheelchair bound. I am new to this forum.

I recently had extreme pain in my tailbone for approximately two weeks and then I discovered during transition onto the bed from my wheelchair that my pain had burst and it was a very bad cyst diagnosed after four days as a pilonidal by my doctors.

I have been on a course of Ethryomicin for 11 days... my cyst Took a lot of time to get the rubbish out of it about a week. For over 10 days there was a clear substance liquid. This has now stopped and the cyst is healing very rapid and the hole has now pretty much completely disappeared.

Unfortunately however I am still feeling like absolute c r ap. I have no pain there is no redness or swelling around the cyst I'm just feeling very low aching and have a very very slight temperature. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? I still have two days to go on my antibiotics. Contemplating on whether to phone the doctor tomorrow. Be great to hear back some views. Mike